Trollforsen Tour

An adventure among waves and rapids

Trollforsen tour guarantee excitement and shouts of joy and prepare for one or two cold showers! It is our most popular tour and is perfect for team building with colleagues or family fun!

The tour starts with a gathering at Wilderness Camp in Ekorrsele. We provide you with the right equipment wetsuit, shoes, helmets and life jackets, and have a security walkthrough. After the change, you transport yourself in your cars to the starting point for the rafting about 7 km away from our Camp.

We start to paddle our way through upper Trollforsen which is about 1100 m long, with a and a total drop of 8 m. This is where the fun starts among the waves and rapids the roar of the stream is mixed with shouts of joy. You can count on getting splashed with water. Next up is a short calm section before we head into lower Trollforsen which is about 1300 m long and have a drop of total 7 m

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