Nature experiences

Forsknäckarna is an experience company that focuses on team development events where we use nature for our activities. With us, groups can come to have fun together, find new energy, combine conferences with a joint activity and develop together around communication and relationships. Here we find our way back to nature and skip Wi-Fi!

Get to know your team

Vi levererar härliga upplevelser i naturen i kombination med aktiviteter och friskvård. Your time with us lets you get to know each other for real and see new qualities in each other. As a manager, you can relinquish responsibility for logistics, control of employees, distribution of keys to housing and everything else that you are used to keeping track of. When you step into our wilderness, we also take over the responsibility. We handle the entire program, make sure you are in the right place at the right time and that you have the necessary equipment. With us, the manager becomes “one in the gang”, which also strengthens your team building. Do you want to check out our team building activities that can suit your company?

We can rafting

As the name Forsknäckarna indicates, we specialize in rafting and can offer beautiful and cool rides among waves and rollers in one of Europe’s last pristine rivers. Rafting is a real adventure and it can sometimes get wet.

Safe and secure

Before the rafting, all participants are equipped with a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and paddle. Then we hold a thorough safety review so that everyone knows what applies on the boat and during the trip. After that, you are ready to meet the waves of the rapids together with our experienced guides. Our guides have undergone special training for rafting and we are licensed by the Swedish Transport Agency.

There is an absolute ban on alcohol in connection with rafting with us.

Who can raft?

The tours we offer are between two and four hours long and have different degrees of difficulty to be able to work for everyone.

Our family trips, which are a little calmer, are from 9 years.

The Trollforsen tour is from 12 year in the company of adults.

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